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Tips for Virtual Staging Your Home

As a Real Estate Agent I highly suggest virtual staging when selling your home. This trend has gained momentum as COVID-19 changed the way people shop for Real Estate. You should always use professional photos.. Yes, of course smart phones take great pictures, however professional photos yield better results . Landscape-orientation work best. Did you know if you shoot from multiple angles it can make the room appear larger? When it comes to virtual staging know the demographics you are targeting. The best virtual staging designers have a background in Interior Design and a good eye for what buyers are seeking. Focus on the rooms that matter, neutral colors work best and are better at attracting a broader group--they are also the easiest to match. the brighter the better. Try letting as much sunlight in as possible. Photos with the most natural light tend to give Buyers a more welcoming feeling .Angling furniture in rooms can make them appear larger and accessible. Make Bedrooms gender neutral. The key is to make the Buyer feel themselves living there. Create a lifestyle according to the local demographic. Don't under estimate the outdoor space, staging the deck or backyard can have an immense effect. Adding an outdoor fire pit, for example, could be a huge bonus...This can all be done virtually by your Realtor..

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